Help Elect a Remain MEP - Donate to our Fighting Fund

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European Elections are on May the 23rd!     

We haven't yet reached our goal of stopping Brexit - but after two extensions, Britain is still in the EU and will elect Members of the European Parliament in just a few weeks' time

It is vital we get our lead candidate, Irina von Wiese elected as London's newest MEP - London is a liberal, pro-European city and it deserves at least one liberal, pro-European voice in the Parliament in Brussels.

Help us elect Irina on May the 23rd.

Labour and the Tories are dragging London out of the EU, if you Demand Better than Brexit, please donate to help us campaign and make our voices heard this election.

Your donation will be crucial in helping us fight for what really matters to Hackney: The NHS, the economy, the environment, Brexit Wrecks it!

Note: Any constituent can represent their views to Hackney Liberal Democrats without donating.

You can also send a donation to our bank account directly:

Bank: Santander

Name: Hackney Liberal Democrats

Sort Code: 09-01-55

Account Number: 28105809

You can also donate by Paypal with the email address, but Paypal may take a small fee.

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If you want to get in touch, please go the contact page.


Donate £250

£250 lets us run some really exciting online campaigns that hit Labour hard on Brexit

Donate £10

£10 will pay for campaign leaflets to three streets near you to help get our message out

Donate £20

£20 buys our target wards 50 campaign posters to show everyone the campaign is on a roll

Donate £50

£50 helps print letters and buy envelopes to be stuffed at one of our famous stuffing parties!

Donate £100

£100 lets us print Stop Brexit leaflets for a whole extra ward. Securing a People's Vote has to be our top priority!

Donate £500

£500 will cover the cost of nominating a candidate in the event of a snap election

Who's donating: from London, United Kingdom donated. Thank you!