Sprinklers in Every Hackney Tower Block

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Labour want Hackney to themselves. We have other ideas!

It's no secret that if Hackney Labour had their way, there would be no opposition in the council chamber.

Nobody to call them out when they waste millions on a botched Town Hall refurbishment.

Nobody to ask why Hackney is falling behind in recycling and green transport.

Nobody to demand more and better social housing.

Nobody to hold the Mayor to account over fire safety in high-rise blocks which house some of the borough's most vulnerable.

This year, in Pauline Pearce, we have a Hackney Lib Dem candidate for mayor like nobody we have ever had before. She is leading the biggest, most diverse and most enthusiastic team of candidates we have ever put forward and the biggest, boldest and most intensive Lib Dem campaign in Hackney's history.

Winning locally will mean electing hard-working new councillors who will challenge our complacent Labour council - but it also adds strength to Vince Cable and the national campaign for a better-funded NHS, more affordable housing and, of course, an Exit from Brexit.

Your donation will be crucial in letting us run the campaign we want to run. Pauline and her team are determined not to let the Corbyn juggernaut wipe out opposition in Hackney - Please help!

Note: Any constituent can represent their views to Hackney Liberal Democrats without donating.

You can also send a donation to our bank account directly:

Bank: Santander

Name: Hackney Liberal Democrats

Sort Code: 09-01-55

Account Number: 28105809

You can also donate by Paypal with the email address

hackneylibdems@gmail.com, but Paypal may take a small fee.

This email is just for Paypal -

If you want to get in touch, please go the contact page.


Donate £250

£250 lets us run some really exciting online campaigns that hit Labour hard on Brexit

Donate £10

£10 will pay for campaign leaflets to three local streets to help get our message out

Donate £20

£20 buys our target wards 50 campaign posters to show everyone the campaign is on a roll

Donate £50

£50 helps us pay for extra deliveries in target areas - everyone in Hackney should hear from Pauline!

Donate £100

£100 lets us print Focus leaflets for a whole extra ward!

Donate £500

£500 will cover the cost of putting Pauline in the official manifesto booklet, distributed to every voter in the borough!

Who's donating: from Manchester , United Kingdom donated. Thank you!